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What is Milbon Global Hair Treatment?

We will explain how Milbon treatments affect your hair.   Discovering the Core of Hair Damage “Stick-shaped Voids”
Sampled Hair from Women in over 20 Countries with different lifestyles and analysed at Japan’s Cutting-edge Synchrotron Radiation Facility called ‘Spring-8’. Discovered stick-shaped voids inside the hair.

CT Scan Images of Hair Ends

Image of hair ends in vertical cross-section

There are large hollowing areas in vertical

direction→ Discovery of “Stick-shaped voids”

How does hair change with “Stick-shaped voids” ?

The formation of stick-shaped hollow inside hair, known as “Stick-shaped voids”

This phenomenon is commonly observed in the hair of women worldwide, and

it’s considered one of the factors contributing to issues such as split ends and


<Close-up image of damaged Hair Strands>

<Diagram of Stick-shaped voids inside Damaged Hair>

[Changes in Hair Density Due to Chemical Treatment]

The proteins and lipids in chemically damaged hair are gradually

flowing out with daily shampooing, leading to the progression of

“Stick-shaped Voids”.

Beautiful from the inside out

As “Stick-shaped voids” progresses, the inside of the hair becomes

sparse, resulting in the loss of shine and resilience. What matters

is the internal density of the hair. So, among the numerous hair

repair ingredients, focused on “SSVR Silk,” which enhances the

internal density of hair. We have incorporated “SSVR Silk” into the

entire lineup of MILBON products.

Addressing “Stick-shaped Voids,” guiding hair to a pleasantly radiant state from the core.

Beautiful hair that lasts with the “4 Weeks Beauty Cycle.”


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