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What is the difference between a wolf cut, hush cut and butterfly cut?

Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is a hairstyle that combines elements of the shag cut and the mullet. Key features include:
  • Layers: It has heavy layers and choppy ends, which create a voluminous, textured look.
  • Length: Typically longer in the back and shorter in the front, similar to a mullet, but with softer transitions.
  • Style: It often includes curtain bangs or wispy fringe, giving it a wild and untamed appearance, reminiscent of an 80s rock star or a modern, edgy look.

Hush Cut

The hush cut is a subtler, more natural-looking layered cut. Key characteristics include:
  • Layers: Soft, blended layers that add movement and texture without being too dramatic.
  • Length: Can be adapted to various lengths, but usually keeps a uniform length with gentle layering.
  • Style: It aims for a soft, airy, and effortless look, making it versatile and easy to maintain. Often paired with soft, wispy bangs or no bangs at all.

Butterfly Cut

The butterfly cut is a layered hairstyle designed to create the illusion of shorter hair at the front and longer hair at the back, mimicking the shape of butterfly wings. Key features include:
  • Layers: Shorter layers around the face that gradually get longer towards the back.
  • Length: Can vary but usually has significant length to show off the distinct layering.
  • Style: This cut provides a lot of movement and volume, especially around the face. It’s designed to give a more feminine, fluttery appearance, hence the name.

Summary of Differences

  • Wolf Cut: Edgy, voluminous, heavy layers, combines shag and mullet.
  • Hush Cut: Soft, natural layers, subtle and airy, easy to maintain.
  • Butterfly Cut: Layered to mimic butterfly wings, shorter in front, longer in back, feminine and voluminous.
Each of these cuts offers a distinct look and feel, catering to different preferences in terms of style, maintenance, and overall appearance.

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