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N. POLISH OIL [Sage & Clove]150ml – napla

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N. POLISH OIL 150ml- The oil made of raw materials chisels derived from nature. I let the point of a brush adjust to finish of the styling and give a feeling of luster and light movement. A fragrance is a fragrance of mandarin orange color and the bergamot. This product is usable on both a hand and skin! ※There is no serial number indication. ※There is the product which the management number in packages is processed into partly As there is not the problem with product in itself, please use it in peace. Usage You let you be familiar with the point of a brush, and, in the case of finish, please make styling. In the case of use, I increase an appropriate amount with a palm after towel dry as oil with communal bath and I let you apply it to the point of a brush center and be familiar with the whole hair well and dry it and finish it. You let appropriate amounts adjust to skin in the case of use well, and please use it.

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