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What’s the TOKIO inkarami 5 step hair treatment?

TOKIO INKARAMI has become synonymous with the leading treatment in Japan. Not only in Japan, but also in Europe, the United States, Asia, and other countriesaround the world, TOKIO INKARAMI is regarded as “the world’s best system treatment from Japan, It is loved by hair stylists around the world as a menu that creates high-level value. We will continue to provide evolving value without resting on our laurels as a “first-class” treatment.  

– Patented INKALAMI Technology Low molecular weight keratin proteins penetrate into the hair and are further bonded, resulting in polymerization.
Penetration “in” into the hair / “Calami fit” to be bonded = Patented technology “In-Calami” reaction. This reaction exerts a care effect on the keratin protein.  
– Hair strength recovery 140%. Tendency of severely damaged hair = “breaks when pulled” and “stretches when wet
By restoring hair strength, this condition will begin to improve.  
– Fullerene, a Nobel Prize-winning  ingredient Fullerene’s antioxidant effect protects the hair from UV rays and promotes long-lasting TOKIO INKALAMI results.
By making full use of these three features, TOKIO INKALAMI reaches a high level of both repair and sustainability, contributing to greater customer satisfaction.

Promotes drug penetration and hair moisturizing Urea (urea) promotes drug penetration, while keratin amino acid, ceramide complex, hydrolyzed silk, and periceramide care for damaged hair. <Urea (Urea) Urea’s keratin softening effect softens keratin protein hardened by heat or alkali, and promotes penetration by increasing the swelling rate, which has been significantly reduced. Urea is one of the components of natural moisturizing factor (NMF). This natural moisturizing factor holds a large amount of water, and its effect is used to promote the penetration effect. Urea (urea) Keratin amino acid Hydrolyzed silk Gemini-type amino acid Ceramide complex

Replenishes keratin, the base of incalami Gemini-type amino acids penetrate damaged areas because of the high affinity between down and feather keratin derived from waterfowl and hair. Fullerene prevents oxidation. <Waterfowl-derived down and feather keratin Molecular weight 750: Because its amino acid composition is close to that of hair and has high affinity, it has strong protective and maintenance effects and contains more hydrophobic amino acids than wool keratin. Penetrates at a low molecular weight and then becomes a high molecular weight through subsequent acid treatment, which increases its strength and makes it less likely to run out. <Gemini-type amino acids It is formed from natural fatty acids and amino acids, which are very close to hair components, and has excellent affinity and absorbability into the hair. It is effective in improving strength and texture, increasing water binding, and inhibiting cuticle lifting. <Cyclohexanedicarboxylic acid Promotes penetration of water-soluble active ingredients into hair and makes the hair surface hydrophobic. Improves damage while enhancing long-lasting effects. Leaves hair smooth and manageable. Waterfowl-derived down and feather keratin Gemini-type amino acid Fullerene Hydroxypropyl gluconamide Cyclohexane dicarboxylic acid

TOKIO INKARAMI 2 2S 2M 2M acid heat
Incarcerates and forms a core inside the hair Keratin amino acids react with TOKIO 1 keratin to significantly improve strength and elasticity and enhance the lasting effect, making it difficult to shed. Fullerene prevents oxidation. <Keratin amino acid Keratin derived from human hair with a molecular weight of 90-200, and is most suitable for repair. By combining with keratin derived from waterfowl, it becomes a high molecular weight (20,000) and has excellent hair repair, moisturizing effects, and strength recovery. <Hydrolyzed keratin [Molecular weight 400~700]: Active keratin derived from natural amino acids. Containing highly penetrating cysteine, it improves hair strength and promotes repair and shine. And it protects against UV damage. <Meadow foam-lactone Bonds to the amino groups of keratin when heated (amide bond). It has excellent adsorption properties, so it remains firmly in the hair and strengthens its hydrophobic properties. It is expected to repair, moisturize, and improve the anti-static and combing effects. <Glyoxylic acid> *Only contains 2M acid heat. Glyoxylic acid is effective in adjusting distortion and waviness of hair. It also improves manageability by forming cross-links inside the hair. Keratin amino acid Meadowfoam-lactone Fullerene Glyoxylic acid (2M acid heat only)

Multiple keratin supplements complete the in-columns. Wool-derived hydrolyzed keratin works on the cortex area to strengthen damage repair. In addition, plant PPT improves strength inside the hair while enhancing cuticle protection. Fullerene prevents oxidation. <Wool-derived hydrolyzed keratin [Molecular weight 20,000~40,000: Hydrophobic keratin derived from wool. While preventing protein loss from inside the hair, it penetrates damaged hair and brings damaged hair closer to normal condition. It also gives hair elasticity and luster and improves manageability. <Plant PPT [Average molecular weight 18,000]: Hydrolyzed vegetable protein containing low to high molecular weight. Low molecules penetrate and polymerize to become polymers, which stay inside and improve strength. The polymers also form a film on the hair cuticle surface to enhance the protective effect. <Hybrid polymer A crosspolymer of hydrolyzed silk and PG-propylmethylsilanediol. It has excellent adsorption to damaged hair and prevents ingredients from leaking out from inside the hair. Works to improve luster and manageability. Wool-derived hydrolyzed keratin Plant PPT Hybrid polymer Chlorophyll Fullerene

Repairs and moisturizes hair surface and forms texture Oil keratin repairs and improves strength, while 18MEA and Ceramide NG moisturize and strengthen the hair surface barrier effect. Chia seed oil inhibits hair color fading and improves texture by adding luster. Fullerene prevents oxidation. <Oil Keratin Isostearoyl hydrolyzed keratin with a molecular weight of 400. Repairs damage, improves hair strength, and moisturizes. <18MEA Oil content present in healthy hair. It has high adsorption, improves shine and combing, and has a repairing effect. <Ceramide NG This oil content accounts for more than 80% of the lipids in hair. It has excellent water retention and barrier effects. Oil Keratin 18MEA Ceramide NG Chia seed oil Fullerene
Using “High-performance chemical reactions that make full use of the pantented INKARAMI technology”, TOKIO provides effects that can only be realized by TOKIO

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