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To commemorate our 4th year anniversary and also to thank all you customers for your support and trust in this journey , without you all , there also won’t be us today πŸ™‚

How to enter ?

  • spend $350 and above to get a chance to enter our luckydraw
  • combined into 1 receipt to hit $350 is also ok ( but have to be same day )
  • if $700 and above you can get 2 chances πŸ™‚ ( 350 x 2 )

How does it work ?

we have 5 categories for you to choose from , you can cast your vote in any πŸ™‚

out of all the 5 items , only 1 works slightly different from the rest .

  • for dyson – example : out of 9 voters only 1 will win the Dyson the other 8 wins nothing
  • for the rest – example : out of 9 voters the winners will get the prize while the remaining 8 gets vouchers πŸ™‚

its quite simple actually , we wish you all the best and may all still continue to give us your supports πŸ™‚

do not hesitate to enquire more from us .

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